Same Day Crowns

Crowns can be a time consuming procedure, especially because they can take more than one appointment. The procedure usually consists of two appointments over a couple of weeks. The first appointment is to take an impression of your tooth and place a temporary restoration. The second appointment happens after your crown has been made, and is ready to be bonded to your teeth. Crowns are permanently placed to act as the outside of a tooth, and are there to function like a normal tooth. Crowns are able to restore the shape and strength of a tooth when needed. A crown is required for a variety of reasons, and you might need one if:

  • You have a weak tooth that needs sheltering so it doesn’t break.
  • A previous restoration has chipped or fallen off tooth, and you need a more permanent bondage.
  • Your tooth has broken and you need something to hold it together.

If you are in need of a crown, wouldn’t it be nice to be able complete the procedure in one visit? At Dater Dentistry, this is possible with our E4D laser technology that is able to create your personal crown the day you need it.

How Same Day Crowns Work

Our PlanScan CAD/CAM Restoration system works with speed and accuracy to create a ceramic crown that involves no impression materials, or bad tastes. E4D technology enables us to give you a crown the same day you need one. The process is simple and easy, and is the future of digital dentistry.

The typical procedure is as follows:

  1. The tooth and gums around it are numbed with anesthetics.
  2. The tooth is drilled and shaped to prepare it for a crown to be bonded.
  3. E4D laser technology is used to scan your tooth and create 3D images that are sent to the in-office milling machine that creates your custom crown.
  4. The custom crown is bonded seamlessly to your tooth for full protection, and matches your teeth for a natural look.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

There are many benefits of using E4D technologies, the biggest being same day dentistry. The dentist is able to create and implant the crown all in approximately 2 hours in one visit. Digitally made crowns are very precise and personal to your tooth. There is no metal involved, so the ceramic crowns are healthy for your mouth. With digitally designed crowns, there is also no need for temporary restoration, meaning your tooth will be properly cared for in the same day.

At Dater Dentistry, we are focused on providing our patients with a positive dental experience. E4D technology has allowed us to do just that, giving our patients an easy, convenient, and precise crown service.

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