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Rockford Teeth WhiteningTeeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental services in America. Teeth can become discolored from a variety of factors including, aged enamel, bacterial pigments, and colored food products like coffee, red wine, or tea. Scheduling biannual cleanings can help restore some of the white color in your teeth, but not all of it. At Dater Dentistry, we are focused on providing you with a safe and effective tooth whitening treatment.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

At Dater Dentistry we use custom trays made from impressions of your teeth along with whitening gel made of 15% Carbamide Peroxide that you use at home. The whitening gel is placed into the tray which you then wear for the recommended time. The bleaching agent passes through pores in tooth enamel to bleach stain spots in the dentin, which is the layer below enamel. We recommend using the trays for one hour a day for seven days.

We do not use in office whitening because we have found that at home whitening techniques cause less sensitivity. The cost of an at home whitening procedure is also less than half that of the in office, "Zoom Whitening" procedure, and gives you the same results.

Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Although tooth whitening seems appealing for most, it isn’t a procedure for everyone. Certain factors can determine whether or not you should receive a teeth-whitening treatment such as, tooth decay, gingivitis, decalcification, or certain prior dental procedures. Request a consultation to see if our at home teeth whitening may be for you

Teeth Whitening FAQs

At home whitening trays need to be used for one hour, seven days in a row.

Because everyone's teeth are different, there is no single answer. Many factors can determine how long your whitening will last. If you are a frequent coffee, tea, red wine, or pop drinker, the whitening can begin to fade at a quicker rate. However, if you are avoiding those items, the whitening can last as long as one year without a touch-up appointment. 

Many studies have shown that teeth whitening is a safe procedure, and does no damage to your tooth enamel. 

No. Whitening only affects the surfaces of real teeth. The bondings would have to be replaced with the new shade after whitening. 

No. Insurances won't cover the costs of teeth whitening because it is a cosmetic procedure. 

The price of teeth whitening procedures can vary, but typical at home teeth whitening can cost anywhere from $200-220.


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