Everyone knows what it feels like to have bad breath. Most cases of bad breath occur after a good night’s sleep or a meal with moderate to heavy garlic or onion contents. In some cases, however,... Read more »

With fall setting in, and holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in our midst, it’s exciting to have all the school parties, trick-or-treating, and special family meals quickly ... Read more »

While many of us have tried whitening our teeth through a new toothpaste or using white strips, nothing compares to professional grade whitening trays and solutions. To achieve noticeable and fast res... Read more »

While you can ensure that your child is eating nutritious food and taking care of their teeth at home, it’s hard to make sure that they’re doing the same thing at school. Here are some tip... Read more »

Once you’ve chipped a tooth, it's common to be self-conscious of that chipped tooth, even after it’s bonded. If your chipped tooth suffered an exposed nerve, you probably still remember th... Read more »

Many are under the assumption that natural teeth never last for a lifetime and dentures are inevitable at some point in life—but that is simply not true. By taking proactive measures, and mainta... Read more »

Whether your child has knocked out an adult tooth or a baby tooth, your first instinct is likely to panic. Take a deep breath—your child is probably going to be hysterical, or at least distraugh... Read more »

Braces aren’t just for middle and high schoolers anymore. In fact, these orthodontic procedures can be just as common for adults. If you’re wondering why adult braces are getting more popu... Read more »

People might wear a night guard for a number of different reasons, the most common is to protect their teeth from wearing down due to grinding or clenching, a condition called bruxism. Other reasons t... Read more »

Two Types of Teeth Stains Intrinsic stains are found on the innermost parts of your teeth. Potential causes of this kind of teeth staining range from genetic development to childhood antibiotic sta... Read more »

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