The fall and winter holiday seasons are the times when many people indulge in treats that they have been looking forward to all year. While many of these treats may evoke a nostalgic feeling, they are... Read more »

Don’t let the cold weather keep you at home this winter. Check out all the fun things that GrandRapids has to offer. Shop at the Downtown Market  Since the farmers markets are closed fo... Read more »

If you've been told that you have periodontal disease, you're not alone. It's one of the most common forms of dental hygiene issues, but luckily also one of the most preventable. Read up on a few tips to do daily in order to prevent periodontal disease.

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Consumers beware: the term "sugar-free" doesn't exactly mean it's very healthy. Sugar-free foods and drinks can actually harm your overall dental hygiene. Read more to find out about the effects of sugar substitutes and additives on your tooth enamel. 

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Canker sores are small and painful ulcers that appear on the inside of your mouth, and can make basic activities such as talking and eating uncomfortable. Learn more about how to identify a canker sor... Read more »

Brushing your teeth is widely known and accepted as an important health and hygiene practice; As parents we demonstrate it and as doctors we preach it’s importance. However, what sometimes gets ... Read more »

Maize and Blue                                                    &nb... Read more »

We've been warned since childhood about the tooth-decaying threats of sugary-candy and soda pop. But certain foods (even fruit!) decay your teeth more quickly than you might realize. Take a look at th... Read more »

If you suffer with teeth sensitivity from time-to-time or on a daily basis you’re not alone. You’re actually among thousands of people that experience some level of dental sensitivity when... Read more »

A substantial amount of people experience anxiety, in varying severities, when it comes time to see the dentist. Whether you experience mild anxiety about visiting the dentist or severe fear, there ar... Read more »

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