5 Questions to Ask when Looking for a New Dentist

Whether you’re dissatisfied with previous dental services or simply moving, choosing a new dental office can be a more complex process than one may think. If you’re like many, you’ve most likely had a maximum of one or two dentists throughout your lifetime, whom you trust to provide you with excellent oral hygiene. Considering moving to a new dentist can be a nerve-wracking thought, so before you permanently select a new office, make sure you ask yourself these 5 important questions:

1. Where are they located?

Although most people don’t consider the location of a medical office to be the biggest priority, think about it: your week is jam-packed with meetings, phone calls and family time, so why add a long car ride to the mix? If having a dentist appointment in the middle of the week proves to be problematic with your hectic schedule, you can choose an office that is within a 20 minute car ride to shorten the trip (and take less time out of your day).

Also, on the off chance that you experience some sort of dental emergency (removal of a crown, breakage of a tooth, etc.), wouldn’t it be convenient to have your dental office as close as the nearest hospital? A short trip means a faster healing, which leads to a happy, healthy smile.

2. What is their customer service like?

If you’ve ever been gypped by a rude waiter or annoyed by a receptionist, you know how much of a damper bad customer service can put on your day. Excellent customer service is essential to almost all industries, especially when it comes to medical service.

According to WebMD, between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of high anxiety, with the main fears including feelings of helplessness/control and embarrassment and loss of personal space. Generally, people do not like trusting others (who are sometimes holding sharp needles) work in an area where they are unable to see what is going on. If a dental office provides excellent customer service, all members of the office will provide an overall feeling of ease and trustworthiness, therefore reducing any possible anxiety during the dental exam.

One way to find out if a potential new dental office offers good customer service is to check out their testimonials from past or current clients. Testimonials provide potential clients with an honest insight into a business and can help with your decision making.

3. Do they offer the services I need?

While some people only require regular check-ups majority of the time, it is important to consider all of the dental services that a dental office provides. First and foremost, you should make sure that your dental office provides an array of preventative dental services to assure that your teeth are healthy for the long run. This includes regular cleanings, examinations and fluoride treatments. If you are also looking in to finding a dental office for your children, you may want to make sure that the dentist offers pediatric treatment as well.

It may also be important to make sure that your new dental office provides cosmetic treatment as well. This includes the use of Invisalign treatment and whitening services, along with fillings and veneers.

4. Do they have payment plans available/work with my insurance?

Attending a dental office for routine check-ups can be very bittersweet; on one hand, your teeth remain clean and healthy, and your smile remains top-notch, but on the other is the payment process. If payments are a main priority for you, then you should make sure that the dental office of your choice provides easy payment options or accepts your insurance.

5. Will they provide the best overall care?

Although this question may seem obvious, it is important to go over your list of qualities that your “dream dentist” would have and find the best fit. You want to make sure that your teeth will be healthy, your smile will be radiant and your day will improve after going to the dentist.

After making all of these considerations, we hope that you find the best dental office to suit your needs. If Dater Dentistry fits this criteria, please don’t hesitate to Request An Appointment today.

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