6 Summer Treats to Avoid to Prevent Tooth Decay

As summer picks up, there are plenty of yummy summer treats that make their debut again. Although these treats are all okay in moderation, over indulging in summer treats can cause some substantial tooth decay. That’s why it’s important to understand what treats cause tooth decay so you can be diligent about avoiding them.

Here are 6 summer treats to avoid to prevent tooth decay:

1. Popsicles

Although popsicles are a refreshing treat to cool help down on a hot summer day, a ton of popsicles are loaded with sugar. The high sugar content can cause tooth decay if not eaten in moderation. One way to prevent tooth decay from popsicles is to find low sugar or sugar free options. However, be sure to avoid sugar free options that contain harmful sugar alternatives instead. Another option is to make your own popsicles with antioxidant-rich berries that’s only sugar source is sugar naturally found in fruit.

2. Ice Cream

Ice cream is another sugary treat that many enjoy during the summer months. Ice cream, just like popsicles, are filled with sugar. Especially ice cream with rich toppings like hot fudge and caramel. To prevent tooth decay from ice cream you should also opt for a low sugar option, avoid too many sugary toppings, and always ensure you thoroughly brush your teeth after your sweet treat.

3. Ice or Shaved Ice

A third summer treat to avoid to prevent tooth decay is ice or shaved ice. Shaved ice, like popsicles and ice cream, are typically loaded with a ton of sugar, which brings up the same tooth decay concerns as those other sweet treats. Another factor to consider though are large chunks of ice. Ice chunks in shaved ice, or ice cubes added to a beverage are commonly chewed. This could lead to tooth damage, like chips or cracks as well, especially in children.

4. Soda Drinks

A larger amount of soda is typically drunk in the summer because of the warmer temperatures. Soda drinks typically have a ton of sugar content in them and are a leading cause of tooth decay. For example, one can of Mountain Dew has 77 grams of sugar! To avoid tooth decay, opt for diet soda drink or if you’re just craving a carbonated drink choose flavored sparkling water which doesn’t contain any sugar at all.

5. Sports Drinks

Another common summer drink, especially for those who participate in team sports, are sports drinks, like gatorade. These types of drinks also typically have a large amount of sugar. For example, a regular bottle of gatorade has 56 grams of sugar. There are however other sport drink options that are low in calories and are sugar free, which are a better option to prevent tooth decay.

6. Potato Chips

A final summer treat to avoid to prevent tooth decay are potato chips. Although potato chips are okay in moderation they are high in starch. Starchy foods can adhere to the crevices of your teeth and cause bacteria to build up if not properly cleaned. Next time you’re at a barbecue, avoiding starchy potato chips and instead opt for raw veggies as an alternative.

Overall these 6 treats become a lot more prevalent in the summer and the increase consumption can lead to a huge increase in sugar consumption. This increased sugar is a common cause of tooth decay, so it’s important to be aware of how your sugar intake fluctuates. These foods can put your teeth at risk, so keeping up with regular dental exams throughout the busy summer months is crucial to ensuring your teeth aren’t at risk of cavities and other issues.

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