Recognizing Tooth Pain Caused by Allergies

As allergy season is in full swing, many people suffer from common symptoms. These range from itchy eyes, to a runny or stuffy nose. However, there are many other symptoms that aren’t as common but are also associated with allergies. One of those symptoms is allergy tooth pain. As your sinuses become inflamed from allergies, they could cause your teeth to experience pain that feels like a toothache from an infection.

Here are ways to recognize and treat tooth pain caused by allergies:

What are common allergy tooth pain symptoms?

Allergy tooth pain symptoms can feel like a toothache from an infection. The symptoms can include:

These symptoms are usually experienced in the upper teeth due to their proximity to the sinus cavity. When the sinus cavity is inflamed from allergies, the nerves around the sinus cavity can be affected causing pain to the  surrounding teeth. These symptoms can appear suddenly as well making it hard to identify the cause.

What’s the best way to treat allergy tooth pain?

First, it’s important to determine that your tooth pain is indeed from allergies. Consulting with your dentist will help you determine this as they will be able to identify any other factors that could be leading to the pain. Once it’s determined that your tooth pain is being caused by allergies, you should then take measures to try and relieve your sinus inflammation. Taking allergy medication for this purpose can help reduce the pain. Other medications that can help are decongestants or nasal sprays.

Allergy tooth pain will commonly be accompanied by common allergy symptoms. If you’re experiencing tooth pain without other allergy symptoms, that could be a good indication that you need to seek a dental examination to assess your pain further. It’s recommended that any tooth pain is evaluated by your dentist to find the root cause and ensure that you aren’t suffering from an infection that could cause more severe damage over time.

Want to determine whether your tooth pain is caused by seasonal allergies or an infection? Schedule an appointment today!

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