Dr. Dater Providing Dental Care In Alaska as Navy Reservist

Dr. Dater is currently participating in a joint services exercise with the Air Force, Army, Marines, Canadian Forces and the Navy to deliver care to remote villages in Alaska. It is called Arctic Care 2017. As a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserves Dental Corp he has a commitment to the Navy of one weekend a month and two weeks a year. This year he is in Alaska on Kodiak Island, along with other health and veterinary professionals. All these reservists will provide direct care to the Native Alaskans and their animals. Dr. Dater is providing dental care in the village of Old Harbor so check out pictures he might be posting to our Dater Dentistry Facebook page. He looks forward to sharing his stories with you when he gets back. Also you can follow the entire two week joint venture on Facebook. It is called Arctic Care 2017, just click on this link to check it out.
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