Dr. Dater Volunteers Dental Services Locally and Abroad

Dr. Dater  provides dental services in Rockford, Michigan and is always interested and willing to volunteer and provide dental assistance to organizations that strive to serve those individuals who need help obtaining dental care. There are numerous organizations that he has been involved in over the years that help people both locally and in other countries.

Dr. Dater Volunteers with Donated Dental Services and Adult Dental Services

Two local organizations he has been involves with since 1989 are Donated Dental Services and Adult Dental Services. These organizations provide assistance to individuals, both locally and throughout the state of Michigan, who require dental care but do not have the means to pay for it. Dr. Dater is one of the dentists these organizations will call to provide the dental services.

Dr. Dater Volunteers with Mission of Mercy Project

This past May, Dr. Dater was involved with the Mission of Mercy Project in Big Rapids , Michigan at Ferris State University with his daughter Stephanie who is a third year dental student. They were able to see numerous patients requiring extensive dental work. Patients traveled from all over the state of Michigan to receive these dental services. Dr. Dater along with other Michigan Dental Association Dentists were able to treat 885 patients over the two day event.

Dr. Dater Volunteers with Ukraine Children’s Project

Dr. Dater and his daughter have also traveled to Ukraine for a week during the summer to work with the Ukraine Children’s Project. They treated orphans in various orphanages near the city of Vinnytsia, many of who had need been seen by a dentist in their life.

Dr. Dater states, “I have always felt that helping the underserved in our community and elsewhere is a part of my professional responsibility. I find it very rewarding to do this for individuals who require this assistance. This is my way of giving back to the community.”

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