Getting Your Child Ready to Visit the Dentist

  • Bring your child to the dentist after their first teeth have erupted at approximate 24-36 months, unless a problem is suspected.
  • The primary goal of the first visit is to let them become familiar with the surroundings and meet Dr. Dater and his staff. This visit is an icebreaker for the child.
  • Schedule appointments early in the day, but avoid naptime.
  • It is okay to bring some type of comfort toy or blanket with the child. We want the experience to be a positive one.
  • Do not use phrases like “Be brave.” or “Don’t be afraid”. Build excitement for the visit with them so they look forward to it.
  • Parents need to exhibit positive attitudes and be good role models when they accompany children to the dentist.
  • Parents who are averse to their own dental visits may transmit those negative feelings to their children before, during, and after dental treatment.
  • Most children are usually comfortable and curious during their dental exams and cavity filling procedures. They may become problematic when the message from parents relays fear or anxiety and incorrect information about the dental procedures.
  • Parents need to be supportive during their child’s dental visits. This early positive presence will help the child have a lifetime of positive dental visits.
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