Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives

Although Halloween candy can be very tasty, the usual candy corn, chocolate bars, and chewy treats have lasting negative effects on your teeth, causing tooth decay and deterioration of tooth enamel.

Because of the heavy intake of candy around Halloween, the dentist office is a popular place following the season. Avoid waiting rooms, drills, and dental bills this season by trading in your Halloween sweets for a couple of healthy alternatives. Set an example for your kids, and neighborhood by passing out healthier options. Parents will thank you, and their dentists will too!

Below are some healthy Halloween candy alternatives to ensure you or others are not unexpectedly visiting the dentist this year.

Sugar-free gum/ hard candy

Sugar-free gum and hard candies are excellent Halloween candy alternatives because they don’t have any sugar that leads to tooth decay. They also are saliva stimulants, which can dislodge food from teeth and prevent plaque build up.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is another good alternative. Even though it is considered candy and has sugar, it melts faster than filled chocolates, which means it will be in contact with your teeth for a shorter period of time. Also, dark chocolate contains antioxidants that are good for your heart and cholesterol.

Granola bars & trail mix

Granola bars and trail mix are also better for your teeth than regular candy because they contain less sugar. Although these options contain sweet ingredients, they do so in moderation.


Exchanging your Halloween candy for pretzels is a good choice because they don’t have high amounts of sugar like candy does and don’t stick to your teeth. Some pretzel brands offer Halloween themed bags and shapes for the occasion.

By switching to these healthy choices, or handing them out to trick-or-treaters, you are saving your and your neighborhood’s teeth. So be the hero this Halloween – we’re all counting on you!

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