How to Make Teeth Brushing More Fun For Your Kids

Let’s be honest – brushing your teeth is not necessarily the most thrilling activity of the day, especially for a young child. However, there are ways that you can make this important activity more fun in order to help get your kids on board with regularly brushing their teeth. Try out one or more of these six activities to help encourage and excite your children to want to brush their teeth.

Buy/Make a Themed Toothbrush.

What’s cooler to a six year old than brushing their teeth with a Iron Man or Barbie figurine? There are so many themed options out there today that you can purchase. Or you can even make your own by fixing a small to medium (but not too small to avoid possible choking) to the end of their toothbrush, so every time they brush, they meet face-to-face with Superman, or for an even cheaper and easier option, wrap the toothbrush in a themed washi tape like these.

Let Them Choose Their Toothbrush

Maybe the trick to getting your child excited about brushing their teeth is simply letting them pick out their own toothbrush in the first place. You could let them go as far as to pick out a themed toothbrush or to just pick out their favorite color brush which will make it a lot more fun for them and help them take more ownership over the process.

Turn it Into a Game

Throw on some music (bonus if you can find one exactly two minutes long for optimal cleaning) and turn it into a fun game. Obviously, you want to be cautious that the movements aren’t going to cause your child to jam the toothbrush into their mouths or hurt themselves, but if you have them brush until the music stops it might keep them moving the brush on their teeth. It will then be something they look forward to every day.

You could even turn teeth brushing time into a simon says game, where they have to do things like furrow their eyebrows up and down, look a certain way or put on hand on their head.

The key: be goofy and do it with them. If they see that you’re having fun or that it can be more fun than it looks, they’ll also get into it.

There’s an App for That

Believe it or not, there is an app for making this sometimes tedious task more fun for your children. Aguafresh designed an app featuring fun characters called the Nurdles, which show kids fun ways to brush their teeth. It also includes a catchy song that will help them get bopping and brushing until the timer goes off after two minutes.

Create a Fun Scenario

Peter the warrior is trapped behind one of your child’s teeth and the only way to save him is to fend off the evil bacteria clan with the lightsaber that only Johnny (insert your child here) can use.
This type of situation would excite most children, especially boys, and can be an effective tool to get them excited about brushing and saving the day. You know your children best, so come up with a scenario that would speak them and age-level.

Reward Them

Simply put, supporting and praising your children when they do brush their teeth is a great way to build them up and encourage them to want to continue to do it. You can even go as far as to reward them with a toy if they brush for so many consecutive days. Children generally try very hard to please their parents, and if they know that doing this activity measures up them getting a hug, high-five or words of affirmation, than they are much more likely to do it.

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