How to Reduce Sugar in Your Favorite Fall Drinks

As fall sets in, we get to see the leaves change color, experience a drop in weather temperature, and get the chance to break out our favorite boots and flannels. And when it comes to our favorite fall beverages, we get a wealth of all things sugar and pumpkin spice. But how to reduce sugar in your favorite fall drink?

Warm fall drinks (so worthy of craving) are rich and creamy beverages featuring aromatic spices and, unfortunately, an excessive amount of sugar. The most popular fall drinks contain anywhere from 30 to 90 grams of sugar, and then you have to take into account the size of the drink—whether small, medium, or large. We all want to indulge every now and then as the cold weather sets in, and there’s nothing wrong with that—simply save those warm and tasty drinks just for special occasions. Starting each morning with a sugary latte or mocha isn’t good for your teeth or your overall health.

With all of this said, you don’t have to completely say goodbye to the pumpkin spice lattes, gingerbread hot chocolates or their similar fall and winter beverage counterparts. Consider making a few modifications to your drink order when you start craving your favorite fall and winter drinks. Your teeth and health will thank you. Check out the tips below on how to reduce sugar in your favorite fall drinks.

Modifications for Reducing Sugar in Your Favorite Fall Drinks

Order the smallest size

This is the time it’s crucial to skip on the venti-sized pumpkin spice latte. Because these drinks are a treat, look at them the same way you would evaluate a dessert. Consuming them in moderation is allowed, but just enjoy enough to satisfy your craving without going overboard.

Ask for fewer pumps of syrup in the drink

In many coffee shops, the beverages include 3–5 pumps of syrup. When ordering your favorite fall drink, request that just one pump of syrup to be included.

Opt out of sugar completely and request sugar free syrup

With coffee shops now offering such a plethora of drink and syrup options, ask if they have sugar-free syrup options. Your teeth will be spared a lot of sugar, and you’ll save some calories for the rest of your day!

Skip the whipped cream

Whipped cream can be such temptation when evaluating which hot beverage you want from your favorite coffee shop, but take a pass on the whip—your drink will already have enough sweet flavors to satisfy you.

If you are making your own fall beverages and are interested in cutting down on sugar content, you’ll have to get a little creative. Playing around with alternative beverage styles, like cold brews in place of blended coffee drinks, can make a big difference in the resulting sugar content. Have any other tips on how to reduce sugar in your favorite fall drinks? Let us know in the comments!

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