This patient presented with her upper and lower teeth crowded together and misaligned in her jaw. To correct this problem, the patient wore Invisalign braces for just under one year to eliminate the crowding of her teeth and to correctly align them.  Dr. Dater and his staff took impressions, x-rays and pictures and sent this information to Invisalign who then uploaded the information to make computer models of the patient’s teeth and bite. Once this information was sent back to Dr. Dater a specific treatment plan was determined to correct the patient’s dental concern.

One year later this patient’s smile is shining brightly with straight and aligned teeth.

This is what she had to say, “I really liked my Invisalign. It was easy to use and very convenient. I could still eat all my favorite foods without worrying about things getting stuck in my teeth and the possibility of broken wires or brackets, like with metal braces. It was also really neat that people could hardly notice the Invisalign while I was wearing them!”