Tooth Fillings

Fight tooth decay and restore your dental well-being with tooth fillings in Rockford.

People of all ages battle tooth decay, leading to cavities.

Swiftly addressing decay is crucial to prevent it from evolving into a more significant issue.

At Dater DDS Dentistry, we offer a variety of dental filling options to restore your smile. With various materials to choose from, you can opt for the one that aligns with your oral health needs and budget.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or believe you have a cavity, we’re ready to help. Schedule an appointment for dental fillings in Rockford today.

Composite White Tooth Fillings in Rockford

Composite (white fillings) look incredibly natural, blending in well with your natural teeth. Many people opt for tooth-colored fillings on visible teeth.

The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs labels both composite and amalgam fillings as suitable, safe options.

Cost of White Tooth Fillings

White tooth fillings are generally more expensive than amalgam fillings, but for many people, they are well worth it. They are a discreet option, seamlessly blending in with natural teeth.

However, amalgam fillings are sturdy and affordable. They are a great budget option and highly suitable for many cases.

Our dental team helps you determine which type of fillings are best for you. We provide a breakdown for the cost estimate of your fillings, after assessing your needs and insurance coverage.

Visit Dater DDS Dentistry for Tooth Fillings in Rockford

Trust Dater DDS Dentistry for all your dental fillings in Rockford. We’ll help you address your cavities and restore your oral health. Treating tooth decay quickly with a tooth filling helps to prevent further damage and more costly procedures.

Visit Dater DDS Dentistry to address your dental needs today. Book your appointment for dental fillings in Rockford.

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