Top 4 Reasons for Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be persistent and debilitating. At times it can feel like the pain came out of nowhere and will never end. There are many different things that cause tooth pain to occur. Here are the top 4 reasons for tooth pain so that you can narrow down the culprit of your pain and get the dental help you need.

Here are the top 4 reasons for tooth pain:

1. Tooth decay

The first, and most common reason for tooth pain is tooth decay. When a tooth begins to decay, the protective layers of enamel begin to wear down. Once the enamel has worn down far enough it exposes the tooth’s nerve to anything that enters the mouth which can cause pain. Pain from tooth decay can range from mild to extremely painful. If you even feel slight pain it’s important to get the decay remedied with a filling. Failing to get the tooth decay filled will cause it to progress over time.

2. Gum infection

Another reason for tooth pain is a gum infection. When the gums become infected, it can cause extreme tenderness. You may notice that there is pain when simply brushing your teeth and your gums bleed more easily at the site of the infection. If you believe you have a gum infection, you’ll need to see your dentist right away. Gum infections can escalate if left untreated, causing the tooth to need a root canal or other, more extreme procedure.

3. Tooth trauma

A third reason for tooth pain is tooth trauma. If you are an active person, particularly that plays contact sports, potential tooth trauma is a concern. If you experience an accident that effects your face or jaw, your teeth could be at risk too. If you begin to experience tooth pain after an accident, it’s important to have your dentist analyze the tooth to ensure that you haven’t chipped or loosened the affected tooth.

4. Tooth grinding

A final reason for tooth pain is tooth grinding. This is also commonly called bruxism. Tooth grinding often happens during sleep and other times when we are unaware of the additional pressure we are putting on our teeth. When you grind your teeth, it can wear away at your tooth’s enamel and even dental fillings. This is especially true for teeth that do not line up correctly and end up directly grinding each other. This can cause the nerve to be exposed over time. When the nerve is exposed, you will experience similar tooth pain to tooth decay. This will typically range in severity depending on how much of the nerve ending you’ve exposed.

If your tooth pain persists, you need to schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. The longer you let tooth pain go untreated, the more severe the damage to the tooth will be.

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