Why Do I Have White Spots on My Teeth?

Ever noticed a round, white spot on one of your teeth, specifically one of the front teeth? Well, you’re not alone. There are many people that develop these unwanted spots, but the important part is understanding what’s causing them.


Getting too much fluoride , especially during childhood, can cause white spots to appear on your teeth. While this isn’t a “bad thing”, it is important to make sure to get them checked out by your dentist to make sure it isn’t something else causing the spots.

Autoimmune Disorders (i.e. Celiac Disease)

Celiac disease has been known to cause white spots on teeth because the condition often affects the strength and growth of the enamel.

Too Much Acid

Whether it’s acid reflux or ingesting too many acidic foods and drinks, the acid can take a toll on your teeth, causing these spots and more extensive dental problems.


These white spots can also appear if minerals are depleted from the teeth. This is called hypocalcification, when these white spots (hypoplasia) appear on the teeth.

Braces After Effects

White spots can develop where braces were previously located because of improper oral hygiene.

Please ask us if you have any concerns about these spots.

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